SmartPoint Intranet will help your company:


all corporate information in one place. Make employee access to it quick and convenient.


speed and efficiency of communication between employees.


statuses of tasks performed by employees, track the status of applications submitted.

Why is the SmartPoint Intranet system unique?

SmartPoint Intranet - boxed solution

The internal corporate portal is packed in a box. It already has all the necessary elements to start working with the portal and organize collaboration between employees. It is also possible to expand the functionality of the boxed portal with new modules that the client needs in business processes.

Reliable platform for a unique solution

The product is developed on the basis of such platforms as Microsoft SharePoint, Azure, Office 365, which testifies to the constant quality of development and compliance with Microsoft security standards. At the same time, SmartPoint Intranet is unique in that it includes all the most popular modules on the market.

Self-installation of the portal

You will be able to install and fill the portal with content yourself, without the help of a SMART business specialist or a technical engineer - we provide you with detailed installation instructions. From the start of the installation to the start of use - only 6 hours.

Incoming information from any sources

The portal can aggregate information from different business systems and data sources. For this, various integration components with systems such as CRM, ERP, 1C are used.

Portal Components

  • Personal Assistant
  • Services
  • Video Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Office Map
  • Employees
  • Org. Structure
  • Calendar
  • News

Personal Assistant

The employee's personal account contains a set of services and options for quick search of information related to a particular employee. An employee can view their payroll sheet, see the vacation balance, as well as find all the necessary information in the knowledge base.

Personal Services

Personal services will help the user to submit a day-off request, request stationery, request access to any company resources or leave feedback about work. The personal services page displays the following:
  • • All operational tasks
  • • Statuses of requests submitted by an employee
  • • Statuses of tasks assigned to an employee

Media library:
Video Gallery

The video gallery module is easy to navigate thanks to the branched folder hierarchy. You can play video files inside the corporate portal or using YouTube, Vimeo and other hosts.

Media Library:
Photo Gallery

The photos you are interested in are easy to find using the hierarchy of photo albums or filtering.

Office Map

Designed to display the contact information of the company's offices. Contains an interactive map with the location of all offices and allows you to add new geolocations without additional development.


If you don't know what department a colleague works in, you can easily find the information you need by their first and last names. The employee's personal page contains information about their date of birth, education and professional skills, which allows you to involve people in tasks that match their competencies.

Organizational Structure

The structure of the company becomes transparent and clear to everyone: from "old-timers" to newcomers. Centralized access to the structure makes it easier to find information by department and employee. Thanks to this, the adaptation of new hires is easier, and existing employees see the department development dynamics.

Event Calendar

The calendar contains a schedule of corporate events. An HR manager can add new events, dividing them into different categories. For ease of perception, each category can be assigned a unique corporate icon. This way you can be sure that all employees can take part in the corporate life of the company.

Corporate news

All important news and events of the company are on the main page of the portal. SmartPoint Intranet allows you to inform employees about important company events and relevant news, encourage participation in open conversations and engage the team in changing the corporate culture.

Options for visualizing the organizational structure

  • Beyond the departments
  • Detailed structure
  • Folder structure

By developing modern digital platforms within the company, you automate important communication processes

between departments and regularly increase the involvement of employees in the corporate culture.

Microsoft Teams

Company Portal in Microsoft Teams

If you work with Microsoft Teams, you can use all the functionality of SmartPoint Intranet right on the platform.

Use the free application and forget about switching between different programs.



The chatbot is available for Telegram and Microsoft Teams

With its help it is possible to view the tasks assigned to you, as well as news and upcoming events of the company. You will only receive notifications on the phone about the information you have subscribed to.

telegram teams

Custom visualization

Different visual solutions of one platform

We will prepare the design of the portal in accordance with your corporate style and corporate colors.

Also, within one organization, you can choose different SmartPoint Intranet themes, between which you can easily switch at any time without the help of a specialist.


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    Pharmaceutical market leader already uses SmartPoint Intranet

    YURiA-PHARM is a specialized international pharmaceutical company. Annually releasing 15 new drugs, it is one of the most dynamically developing pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine.

    Natalia Zinchenko

    Human Resources Director


    Over the past five years, YURiA-PHARM has experienced a period of rapid growth with the opening of new representative offices and a 150% increase in the number of employees. At the same time, there were complications in collaboration and communication between colleagues.


    The internal IT department of YURiA-PHARM turned to SMART business, which is a leading consultant in this area. In six weeks of close cooperation, a completely new way of working based on digital technologies was implemented.


    Over the past period, our operational efficiency has increased by 6%. On average, the number of business trips has decreased by 15%. Moreover, some divisions of our company have already held large strategy sessions in Microsoft Teams. Working in the office is easy if the office is in the cloud!

    Implementation of an internal corporate portal by the leading Agroindustrial holding of Ukraine

    Astarta-Kyiv is one of the largest vertically integrated agro-industrial holdings in Ukraine. Its areas of activity include agriculture, sugar production, animal husbandry, soybean processing and bioenergy.

    Oleksandr Voynalovych

    Chief Information Officer

    “My dream is that we in ASTARTA start the morning not with a coffee, but with the corporate portal. For each employee, this is the so-called gateway to the world of the company. Therefore, for the teams of HR and IT departments, the portal is an interesting and complex project, because we understand its importance and the fact that it cannot be a stable product, but must constantly increase the number of handy features for users and become interactive. The choice of Microsoft SharePoint for implementation of the portal was truly successful, it fits all our ideas of the portal and accommodates our information needs, and also allows us to integrate other Office 365 products from Microsoft. We are pleased to note that we are implementing this project with Microsoft Gold Partner, SMART business. The decision to cooperate was made carefully, and during the work we were convinced of its correctness. In the course of work we argued a lot, and rightly so, because the project is special, and both parties wanted to make it as good as possible. It is important that the partners accepted and analyzed our requests carefully, promptly, and resolved disputes as soon as possible.”


    Employees of Astarta work in different regions of Ukraine, which makes it harder to create a single strong corporate culture. It was difficult for management to quickly inform colleagues about important events, as well as to centrally control procedural documentation.


    Corporate portal SmartPoint Intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint has been implemented. A number of additional functionality was created for the needs of the customer, such as the "Idea Factory" module, which allows employees to share suggestions to improve work.


    As a result of implementing the internal corporate portal, all employees of the company united in a single information field, received quick and convenient access to service programs and the news feed. Employees received their own "social network", which strengthened the corporate culture of Astarta.


    SmartPoint Intranet — internal corporate portal

    An information network that provides unique opportunities for teamwork. It helps to form a corporate culture, broadcast the company's standards and messages, and manage information flows.

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    Microsoft platform

    Named Gartner's Best Content Service Platform for the third year in a row, October 2019:

    Microsoft pioneered the development of intelligent content services in Microsoft 365 to help its customers achieve better results. And this did not go unnoticed. Today, we are proud to announce that Gartner has named Microsoft as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for data management and analytics solutions for the third year in a row. Once again, Microsoft took the top spot in the Implementability category.

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